As a woman gets older- and after childbearing- the vagina has a tendency to become loose. Needless to say, this has some very negative effects on a person, physically and emotionally.

As women, we have a strong need to feel good and confident about our bodies. When your vagina is no longer tight, you lose sensation during sex, your partner’s experience isn’t nearly as good, and getting/giving an orgasm can become difficult. This takes a major toll on you emotionally, and when you’re not feeling good about yourself, that negative energy often times rubs off on your relationships and causes problems between you and your partner.

In addition, aging and growing older can be a major stress to many women. Not having a tight vagina and the resulting effects feed into those fears of aging. It’s like a vicious cycle of frustration and dissatisfaction feeding into insecurity and fears of no longer being desirable.

But none of this has to happen! You can learn how to make the vagina tight just like it was before you had kids, and when you were in your youthful 20s. You just need the right information and exercises.

Need I list the massive amounts of benefits you’ll receive when you make your vagina tight again? You’ll feel more healthful and vigorous in the bedroom, your orgasms will drastically improve– and they will come much easier, and your partner’s sexual experience will be far more pleasurable. These positive effects create a new positive and healthy cycle that continually feeds into and propagates itself.

You see, when you’re sex life is good for you and your partner, that feeling of mutual satisfaction brings more peace and harmony into your relationship; you’ll both be less on edge and more likely to meet stressful situations from a more balanced place.

So, sex- while it isn’t the only thing that makes a relationship good and stable- does have a major effect on you and your partner’s well-being. When you sex life isn’t good, that can either be a symptom of a problem or a cause of new problems.

how to make your virgina tight again

Now, there’s a serious of steps you can take to make the vagina tight and youthful. These exercises will actually make sex better for you than it ever has been in the past, and better for your partner!

Kegel exercises are the most effective way to get those love muscles tightened up. In a nutshell, you contract your pelvic muscles – and you know you’re doing it right when your vagina actually closes up a bit. Doing reps of these will quickly make the vagina tight and strong. There’s a bit more involved but that’s a start.

how to tighten your vag lips

I used to feel like my body and love life would never be like it was in my youthful 20s. Let’s face it… if nature had its way, after children and a certain age, your vagina muscles get loose; sex doesn’t feel the same for you or your partner.

But this doesn’t have to happen! Simple, natural exercises and remedies are easily available to you. You can regain and retain your youth, no matter what your age! Gain access to an awesome, free resource for ways to make your vagina tight and empower your womanhood

how to make yourself tighter It has become increasingly popular for women to complain about having a loose or slack vagina. They often times complain that their partners are no longer happy, their sex life is miserable and they just do not have the drive to engage in anything sexual at all. These negative feelings within a relationship are often times the cause of breakups and disharmony within the home. What some women need to realize is that vaginal looseness occurs for different reasons: Not every woman has the same reasons why they are loose. More often than not having a baby or several children may be one of the leading causes of the vagina losing its elasticity. Despite all this I am here to tell you that there are ways and means of tightening up those love muscles to ensure satisfaction in the bedroom. Why tighten the vagina? Why tighten the vagina you may ask. Well for one a tighter vagina will help to prevent incontinence. Incontinence is the inability to hold your urine and this may occur at any age in women including those that have not had any children. This condition may occur as a result of damage to the pelvic muscles that control urine flow. So you see have a tighter vagina does have its benefits. The other obvious reason for wanting a tighter vagina is simply to have better sex. Having a tight vagina will guarantee you having multiple orgasms night after night and will have your partner feeling as if he is with a virgin once again. Which woman doesn't want to please their man? I am sure you do not fall into that category. Having a slack vagina will not guarantee the above happening so here's what to do: On a day to day basis practice doing kegel exercises. Just contract the muscles at the lower front part of the body as if you were trying to hold back our urine. Contract then release slowly. Take a break for five minutes between each repetition then start again. Try doing this at least several times for the day everyday and you will see improvement. That's not all: I have discovered a great solution to tightening the vagina without having to go to the doctors. This solution has helped me to have explosive orgasms night after night and now I can smile knowing that my partner is really happy. exercise to tighten virginia The vagina is just like any muscle in the body. Over time, it can become loose and lose its elasticity. This is what has happened to you. From either childbirth or just growing older, your vagina has lost its elasticity. Things are looser down there and this makes for very not enjoyable sex. You know that your partner probably isn't enjoying himself either and this makes matters worse. You want to make your vagina tighter so you can have better sex and so you can also get some confidence back. Since your vagina has lost its elasticity, you are less confident and you feel like a part of you has been taken away. It is time that you got your body back in working order and that you made this happen today. You need to know how to get a tight vagina. The only way to make this happen is to tone those muscles back up and get everything tight again. A great way to make this happen is to do kegels. The kegel muscles are the ones that you use to hold in urine. Emulate this sensation during the day and this is how you contract those muscles. The more contractions you do, obviously the stronger and tighter your vagina will become. Start slow and gradually work your way up to doing tons of kegels all of the time. For a more challenging workout, you can purchase a product called ben wa balls. You simply insert a ball into the vagina and use your kegels to hold it in. This is great practice for women and helps to give you a bit of motivation to work your kegels. Get those PC muscles working and you will definitely get a tight vagina and start to have better sex fast. Find out from this helpful site what you can be doing at home to strengthen your kegel muscles and tighten your vagina today. Learn how to get your vagina back to its normal state and start having amazing sex again.